Health Care Benefits for

Independent Contractors and Gig Economy Workers

Healthcare Benefits For The Modern Worker

If you are currently working, or have ever worked as a freelancer, temporary worker, contract worker, or independent contractor; including side jobs to generate supplemental income - you are part of the “gig economy.”

In this "gig enconomy", workers are almost always considered independent contractors not employees. This generally means as an independent contractor, you do not receive any traditional employee benefits such as paid vacation time or health care.

  • 36% of Americans, approximately 59 Million, now particpate in the gig economy. For 29% of US workers, this is their primary job.
    Gallup, Statista, Small Business Labs, Upwork - 2021.
  • 52%, approximately 87 Million, of the US workers are projected to become part of gig economy by 2027.
    Wonolo, Statista - 2021.
  • Less than 24% of full-time independent contractors / freelance workers obtained healthcare benefits through a self purchased plan.
    Statista - 2019.

Health Care Benefits

Don't have to be complicated or expensive

affordable reliable accessible healthcare for the gig economy
Virtual Direct Primary Care

VDPC provides comphrehensive diagnosis and treatment for illness or injury, chronic conditions, and gender-specific health concerns. 24/7 availability.

Virtual Behavioral Health

Mental health issues deteriorate one's quality of life; VBH can help provide therapy through the convenience and privacy of a virtual platform.

Virtual Urgent Care

VUC is for the treatment of minor health concerns, when you don’t have the time for an in-person visit at the doctor's office or urgent care.

Outpatient Primary Care / Urgent Care Visits

When you need an in-office doctor or urgent care visit, you'll have access to one the largest nationwide networks available with $25 copays.

Wellness & Preventive Care

No copay or deductible for covered wellness and preventive exams, including immunizations, for adults and children.

Prescription Benefits

Includes over 2000 covered FDA approved drugs with more than 200 of the most prescribed at only $1; plus home delivery and prescription assistance.

Comphrehensive Care

Comprehensive care includes hospitalization, in/out patient surgery, ICU, ER, maternity, physical therapy, medical devices, and much more.